WWW.3DWORLDSHOP.COM not only offers all the best products for stereo photography but also offers a wide range of services in creating 3D content. See the website under the menubutton 3D SERVICES to obtain more information.

Below are some examples of past 3D projects realized.

- Coca Cola branded viewmasters and custom reels
For Coca Cola we made custom viewmasters and reels in presentation box. A great result for a great customer. Click the link for a picture. Coca Cola custom Viewmasters

- 1.200 custom reels with 400 viewers for BPD
A great presentation in honour of a 70 year jubileum. 400 Viewmasters in attractive box, with 3 reels for each viewer. Click the link for a picture. BPD CUSTOM VIEWMASTER PICTURE

- 250 custom reels with viewers for an insurance organisation
Our custom made viewmaster reels are immensely popular. We are doing many projects every month. We delivered 250 Viewmasters with custom reels to an insurance organisation in The Netherlands. All done in top quality and top speed in the 3D-Studio in Zwolle, The Netherlands. We (www.3dworldshop.com or www.fotografie-in-3d.nl) have been doing this for many years, with happy customers all around! See some pictures of this project on facebook: CLICK HERE!

- 6 Custom reels with viewers for Gelredome
WWW.3DWORLDSHOP.COM delivered 6 custom viewmaster reels with viewers to soccer stadium Gelredome in Holland. It's not just a soccer stadium but also the largest theater in The Netherlands. Press the link for a picture and desciption of this 3D project: CLICK HERE!

- 80 Viewmaster reels and viewers for Red Bull
For Red Bull www.3dworldshop.com fulfilled a great stereoscopic project for the creation of a great looking invitation. We produced 80 custom reels and put them into Viewmaster viewers. This was presented in a nice box with stickerlabel, wich we also produced. Not only the slide film was developed in our own studio, also the 3D reels were produced in-house, in our stereoscopic studio in Zwolle. The full project, including delivery took no longer than 10 days to complete. Resulting in a very special invitation, that can't be missed! Press the link for a presentation of this 3D project: http://www.viewmasterqueen.com/foto3d/redbull/redbull.html

- Stereo-photography Supertrash Fashion Show 2014
For Supertrash, the special fashion brand by owner Olcay Gulsen, we did the 3D photography of the fashion show for the AW14 collection. In the Suikerfabriek (sugar Factory) in Halfweg, close to Amsterdam, was the biggest and most exclusive show yet by Supertrash. We delivered a fantastic series of 3D images for use in the future. The fashion show was shot using two, specially twinned, digital Canon SLR camera's, for best results.

- 3D magazine Procesinfra Uptime
www.3dworldshop.com was asked to do the 3D work for publishing a printed magazine in anaglyph 3D. We shot the coverphoto and optimized it for offset printed anaglyph 3D. We also did the conversion of all other 3D images in the magazine. To have a good stereoscopic result when printed offset, with CMYK-colors, there is needed a special conversion of the RGB-colors of anaglyph images. If you do not do this, the result will be disappointing. This RGB to CMYK conversion is one of our specialties. You can see the result of our work in digital form, by clicing the link: http://content.yudu.com/Library/A2h7gz/ProcesinfraUptime201/resources/index.htm?referrerUrl=http%3A%2F%2Ffree.yudu.com%2Fitem%2Fdetails%2F1352245%2FProcesinfra-Uptime-2013-nummer-5 


For restaurant 'Gasterij Het Ruiterhuys' in Castricum, near the Dutch coast, www.3dworldshop.com fulfilled a great stereoscopic project for the creation of the most fantastic kids menu in The Netherlands. The dishes for the children were photographed in 3D - on location - by Ronald Schalekamp, in the beautiful outdoor garden in Castricum. The produced stereo pictures were offcourse post processod afterwards and the optimal 3D effect was set. Finally, there was text in different depth layers added for a really impressive end result. The seven stunning stereo images were converted into the 25 Viewmaster reels for Het Ruiterhuys. Not only the slide film was developed in our own studio, also the 3D reels were produced in-house, in our stereoscopic studio in Zwolle. The end result can be seen in Castricum daily: all the children that come to eat in Castricum now choose from the 3D menu in the model O Viewmaster viewers. Click the link for a small presentation of this project: http://www.viewmasterqueen.com/foto3d/ruiterhuys/ruiterhuys.html

- 1 custom reel for Dimphy; she proposed to her girlfriend with this!
Undoubtedly unique, a marriage proposal with the viewmaster. At the last of the 7 images she held the ring forward. A wonderful way to propose. Best of all, the answer was YES! Congratulations!

- 200 viewmaster reels for Marazzi + Paul
For the renowned Swiss architects Marazzi + Paul we made 200 customized reels with images of their finest designs. The viewers were included, in beautiful presentation box.

- 106 custom reels made for a Belgian advertising agency
For a Belgian advertising agency we realized 2 x 53 reels on a medicinal product for horses. The viewers were included.

- 35 viewmaster reels for Satellite Furniture in Breda
For the innovative manufacturer / dealer Satellite Furniture from Breda (Holland) - with 260 employees internationally - http://www.3dworldshop.com  realized in a very short time a 3D promotional package based on the Viewmaster. Fo the benefit of the Open Days of Satellite in 2012 we delivered 7 different viewmaster reels in a total print run of 35. The disks - in 3D - were used to exhibit the latest developments in the furniture field. Using a Fuji W3 camera - leant from 3DWORLDSHOP - 3D images were captured for use in the viewmaster reels. Also some images were converted from 2D to 3D. Included was the delivery of 70 Viewmaster viewers. A very nice and challenging 3D promotion project.

- 24 viewmaster reels with images of Night Nurse Images, Switzerland
Commissioned by Night Nurse Images from Switzerland, we produced 24 custom reels (4 sets of 6 reels) with 28 different, beautiful architectural visualizations. Together with eight viewers, the reels were produced and delivered to Zurich, Switzerland, within 1 week!  

- 220 slides from digital images for Concertgebouw Amsterdam
For a theater producer WWW.3DWORLDSHOP.COM produced 220 slides for use in the pre-anniversary concert on 26 September 2012 at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. In 2013, the Concert Hall is 125 years. Writer Geert Mak tells about the musical history in the Pre-Anniversary Concert. We put the digital pictures onto slides film, which were developed in-house for the very best - and fastest - result.

- 60 reels and 30 viewers in presentation box with sticker
We provided 60 custom viewmaster reels to an advertising agency in Belgium. It was a PowerPoint presentation that was converted to Viewmaster format. The presentation was made for the pharmaceutical industry. The 60 reels and viewers were nicely braneded by stickers and packed in a beautiful presentation box, also with sticker. Everything was produced within 3 days and within one week - after receiving the digital images - the final product was already delivered in Belgium.

- 6 viewmaster reels and viewers for bringing special personal news
For Sherwin and Nieke we made 6 custom reels, for a special way of bringing extraordinary news. Follow the link and see the pictures. Volg de link en bekijk de beelden. 6 reels for special news

- 65 custom reels for promotion new design packaging Fortuna cigarettes
On behalf of a Belgian design agency we produced 65 customized viewmaster reels, to promote the renewed appearance of Fortuna cigarettes. We achieved within 14 days - from first receiving the digital images to the delivery in Brussels - 30 reels in Dutch and 35 reels in French. The supplied images for the disks were in 2D, but were converted into 3D. Promotion with depth works! See here for a brief picture presentation of the project:   65 reels for Fortuna cigarettes

- 500 custom VIEWMASTER reels and branded viewers in box for ARUP Amsterdam
For Arup Amsterdam we produced 500 customized viewmaster reels, as well as 500 viewers. The reels were produced as original viewmaster reels. On the reels are seven beautiful projects by ARUP. Remember ARUP is the company that for example designed the Sydney Opera House! Click on the link for a brief picture presentation of the project: 500 reels and viewers for ARUP

- TEDx Athens, 30 custom viewmaster reels and viewers
For a TEDx conference (http://tedxathens.com) on innovation, ideas and creativity in Athens (3 December 2011) we realized 30 custom viewmaster reels. The 7 images include text with 3D effects. In addition, the viewers were branded using a sticker. This project was fulfilled within a week! On Monday the 7 images were received. The same day they were put on slides film. On Tuesday, the slides were developed by 3DWORLDSHOP in-house. Wednesday the images were cut from the film and put into the 30 reels. Also, the viewers were branded with stickerlogo. On Thursday, the package was picked up by TNT Express. On Friday it was delivered in Athens! Follow the link for a short presentation of the project: TEDx 3D project using viewmaster.

- 3D conversion to promote the region Gooi & Vecht: 2D becomes 3D
For a tourism promotion organization WWW.3DWORLDSHOP.COM realized the conversion of historic black and white photos to 3D. The pictures included the locations Muiderslot, Kerkbrink in Hilversum and Hoogstraat in Weesp. They truly cam to life in 3D. We realized not only the conversion from 2D to 3D for Internet use, but also for print. The latter requires special attention because of the limited color gamut of printing inks (CMYK) compared to monitor colors (RGB). In particular, the occurrence of ghosting (double images) is an important issue. With our extensive knowledge and experience in 2D to 3D conversion, the conversion was well made. The excellent results of this project can be seen on the website www.gooivecht.nl.

- Slides for kids corner emergency room
For the children's corner of the emergency room of Hospital Rijnstate in Velp (Holland) we put some digital pictures of animals onto slidesfilm. Slide viewers are built into a wall and thus provide the necessary distraction for children. A fun project to work with.

- Streets of the World
For the project Streets of the World, we delivered 40 custom view master reels and viewers with a promotional sticker. The reels show in 7 images the unique photo project, in which in metropolitan street life was recorded. The photos were in 2D. We added a 3D text to the image that "floats" in front. See also www.streetsoftheworld.com. CLICK HERE for some pictures of this project.

- Montecatini Talent Agency, for Purple Pride
Montecatini Talent Agency gagve us the order to produce 100 custom viewers and reels for www.purplepride.nl. This is a group eggplant growers. The beautiful 2D images provided were turned into 3D by www.3dworldshop.com and converted to the viewmaster format. The reels were given a full color sticker label. The viewers were branded using a promotional sticker. CLICK HERE for some pictures of this project.

- Municipality of Zwolle
Commissioned by the Municipality of Zwolle WWW.3DWORLDSHOP.COM realized 3D photography of business life in the city Zwolle (Holland). Fifty appealing industrial buildings were photographed in 3D. The photos were processed and converted into anaglyph 3D (red / cyan). They were used in a beamer presentation at a business event. Also, the presentation is used on iPads. CLICK HERE for some of the 3D pictures. Pictured here in parallel 3D. View with a Loreo Pixi viewer, or similar stereo viewer.

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