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S T E R E O S C O P I C     P O R T A L

Please visit the new worldwide webshop for 3D stereoscopic products & services. Click the link: www.3dworldshop.com

If you are a Dutch speaking customer, living in The Netherlands or Belgium, please use our Dutch webshop www.fotografie-in-3d.nl.

3D STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY can be found at www.3dstockphotos.eu. These stereoscopic pictures are available for projects or presentations. Also great for everyone wanting to take up stereo photography; this is what is possible. Visit one of the webshops above to buy a Loreo 3D lens or other stereo camera.

Want to make a viewmaster reel with your own pictures? Download more information here: customreels.pdf. For information in Dutch language download THIS pdf-file: custom-viewmaster-reels.pdf. We can also supply you with custom packaging, branding and with DELUXE DISPLAY VIEWERS for exhibitions, museums and more. Contact us through this website, or through www.3dworldshop.com for more information.

If you need to put your digital images onto slides film, please download this PDF-file: digital-to-film.pdf Results will the best quality you can get. Great for use in for example stereoscopic slide viewers. For information in Dutch download this file: digitaalnaarfilm.pdf

Do you want to take up stereo photography, but don't know where to start? Download this informative PDF-file and you are set to go. Sorry, this is only available in Dutch language so far: Download this file for Dutch language information: beginnen-met-3d-fotografie.pdf

Are you looking for a LOREO 3D LENS for your digital (or analog) SLR-camera? The webshops on this portal page have them IN STOCK and ready to send. There is a LOREO LENS for normal 3D photography and one for MACRO 3D! Just put the lens on your SLR-body and you are a 3D photographer. Want to see what it can do? Download this HIGHRES (36MB) executable slideshow with parallel 3D images made with the LOREO MACRO 3D LENS. Use a LOREO PIXI viewer to view these images (resolution 2800 x 1050) in 3D. Download the slideshow here: macro3d.exe. In Dutch language you can download some very interesting pointers on using the LOREO 3D MACRO LENS: LOREO-MACRO-3D-LENS-tips.pdf

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